Re: Pfile Wipe.

From: Marcelo Valle Moreira (
Date: 05/27/96

> Hello,
  Hi .

> I am having utter problems trying to get my/a character to imp 
> level.
   loads of ppl seems to be having... =o)

> Here is what I have tried:
> setting the advance command to lvl-immort and trying to raise myself
> or another char to a level higher than my current level--No Dice
  have you touched the if statement on set level, and/or advance command that
does not allow you to advance/set someone above your own level?

> removing every player file from the dir by hand because the purge utilities
> do not seem to work, and relogging on and finding out I am lev 1-- No Dice
  hmmm, don't know never happened to me, but a pwipe is just removing the players file in lib directory(and of course the plralias and objs..), what you hardly have to do. If you're level 1 you forgot something.
  have you tried greps and greps and greps... ? =o)

> leaving the god levels at their original status and raising the max level anyway which was a longshot that did not even compile
> Here is where I am now:
> no pfiles, and every new char I start is at level 1.
> Am I purging these files wrong, or do I need alter some file that lists the 
> imp?
  u've forgotten something. have you tried every kind of greps to make sure you
ain't forgetting anything/

> Please help~~
> CHuck

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