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From: Gerry Smith (
Date: 05/31/96

Ian Stephenson wrote:
> In message <>, Tarot
> <> writes
> >I am working on putting up a mud using Win95 and was wondering if anyone
> >else was using 95.  I am still learning C and have a few questions.
> >
> I've not even got the Win95 version running yet!  It compiles okay, but
> doesn't seem to like the fact I'm using dial-up access to the 'net.  I
> get a run-time error attaching to winsock.
> Regards,
> Ian Stephenson


Currently, my circle30bpl11 is running on Win95 with a dialup (for development and debug). The circle.exe runs 
fine, and we have had as many as 8 players on the dialup with no apparent scarifice in speed (stock pulse 
settings). As for winsock, the mud doesnt seem to care wether or not I have a connection to the provider, it 
seems to attach to winsock just fine.

I compile using Jeremy's instructions in Do you have VC++4.0 ? Are you using plain vanilla code?


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