Re: Autoequip

From: Mudder (
Date: 06/01/96

Per Widerlund wrote:

> That could result in some strange results with the light in
> r_mortal_start_room. I don't like any of the solutions very much. The
> equip should be performed after the player has entered a room.. But
> that would need quite a lot of work. I think I'll stick to plan A.
> (Just suppressing the error message in equip_char and unequip_char.)
> /Per Widerlund, RiftMUD

  A new version of the autoeq patch was upload to '' by the 
author: Burkhard Knopf. Its named autoeq.pl11.patch.gz. I used it and it got rid of the syserror warning
that spammed me :). As far as I could tell after comparing it to the old version the only diff is changes
to interpreter.c.


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