The Mailinglist

From: Eric Pilcher (
Date: 06/16/96

Wow!  Mailinglist wasn't this crowded a year or so ago. :)
Asside from having a full mailbox (sorry that this one adds
to it) I'm getting only minor tidbits out of it.

The problem is, I'm working on a circle code under Linux with
gcc and thus, all the posts about Win95 and DOS and ELF aren't
really worth a pile of Fido corpses to me.  Meanwhile, I have
to sift through and delete them all out.

Has anyone concidered a newsgroup?  Yes, I know, EVIL people
can post to newsgroups.  They would spam us with phone sex
adds and pyramid schemes.  They would troll with surveys for
bogus research projects or false messages of how they desperately
needed money becuase they were downsized and can no longer afford
the payments on their Lexus, condo, pleasure yatch, etc.

Hell, moderate the thing if you have to, but I think it would
be a lot more user (not to mention mailbox) friendly.

Krael @ Aardvark

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