Okay...now about Stroms Multi code...

From: i9974319 (i9974319@unicorn.it.wsu.edu)
Date: 06/19/96

Thanks for the answers to the OLC question I found the answer myself in 
the documentation for Oasis... I must have overlooked it... funny thing 
those docs.

Okay, now, I posted a question concerning Stroms MultiClass code and I 
didn't see it get posted nor did I recieve any answers...

What version was Stroms Code written for anyway?  I have been trying to 
get it into bpl11.  After realizing that I was going to end up recoding 
half the mud I gave up with that.

I would very much like to incorporate races and multi-classes into my 
mud, if anyone knows how to implement Stroms Code or can let me know how 
it was done on their mud it would be appreciated.


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