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Date: 06/20/96

On Thu, 20 Jun 1996, Sean Chandler wrote:

> Hiya.  I have bpl11 of circle and have Oasis Olc patched and have gotten 2 of
> the three messed up commands to work.  Originally they all would knock me back
> from telnet with a Segmentation Fault (now only 1 does this).  I tried to use
> GDB but realized that i couldnt log into the game to while being at the command
> line of circle.  I think i need to use a script but dont really know how.
>   If anyone has an idea about the Segmentation Fault or would like to give me
> a clue as to how to debug it I would be greatly appreciative.

When you get a segmentation fault you should get a core dump file in the 
lib directory (depending upon what variety of OS you use it could be 
named, lib/circle.core, lib/core, or something other).  Anyway, if you 
get the core dump (if you don't then find the command to unlimit coredump 
sizes, assuming your using UNIX), then, from the main circle directory:

% gdb bin/circle lib/circle.core
      ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

(the % is just the prompt)  The first parameter (bin/circle) is the name 
of binary file.  The second parameter (lib/circle.core) is the name of 
the core dump file.  Once you have done that, type "bt" to see what 
functions lead up to the crash.  You can also type "list" followed by a 
function name or line number to list out a line number and/or function 
with preceeding/proceeding lines for context.

If you can't figure out what's wrong from the core-dump, then post the 
output from "bt" and the lines where it crashed on (with context, of 

Good luck!


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