Re: Some stuff about spells..
Date: 06/24/96

On Mon, 24 Jun 1996, Ground Zero Enterprises wrote:

> The targetting routines currently don't cater to many possible needs that 
> could come up though.  First of all there is no TAR_MANUAL in stock bpl11.
> The problem is, say you have a spell like telepathy for example.  It is 
> supposed to let you 'tell' a player messages and not mobs (ignore the 
> fact this spell is useless).  Now it doesn't really fit any of the stock 
> mag_x routines so you flag it as mag_manual and create an 
> ASPELL(spell_telepathy) for it.  Now if the first check in it says 

Oh, okay, TAR_MANUAL must have been my own addition to handle additional 
spell arguments.  My mistake...


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