Re: Adding a new command.

From: ShadowLord (
Date: 06/27/96

On Thu, 27 Jun 1996, Dann Fuller wrote:

> I know you need an ACMD(do_zone){...}, which I'm thinking would go in 
> act.other.c.  I know you also need to put a line in interpreter.c, so 
> people can use the command.  Is that all, or are there other files I need 
> to change, too?

Two lines in interpreter.c, the prototype at the beginning with the other
ACMD(do_xxx) prototypes, and then into the structure below.

> Also, how would YOU go about storing the zone descriptions?  I'm planning 
> on creating a 6th part to the split world file, for descriptions, and 
> just reading the descriptions from there, mainly because it's neat, and 
> was the first thing that came to me.  Any other ideas?

Put the descriptions in the help files and put:

  do_help(ch, zone_name, 0, 0);

In there.  In my MUD I passed a one as a subcmd, and in printing out the
help file, if subcmd == 1 then I skipped the first two lines.  I don't
have the code on me at the moment, but if someone wants it, request via
private e-mail and I'll send it.


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