Re: non-blocking ident/DNS code

From: Steve (
Date: 06/29/96

On Sat, 29 Jun 1996, Nick wrote:

> Hello all,
>  I was talking to someone who codes for a MUD that I visit frequently, and
> he seems to have written code for non-blocking identd checking AND non-blocking
> DNS checking for a MUD.  He is reluctant about giving out the code for some
> reason, but I am wondering:  Who else has accomplished this task?  This would
> eliminate the `30 second delay`/`lockup` problem everyone is talking about.
> If anyone has any information to share, please do so.

I've got some code that seems to do a non blocking ident lookup, i'll get 
the code in a bit (not on the machine that has it right now), but it runs 
sort of like this:

user connects, rather than being CON_NAME it sets him to CON_IDENT and 
prints (waiting for RFC-931/1413 lookups) and then it opens another 
descriptor and sends the request ot his machine, and moves his con to 
CON_WAITING_LOOKUP, then it goes on its merry way collecting input from 
other users/etc, and when the next loop comes around anybody in 
CON_WAITING_LOOKUP does a read from the socket and if the data is there, 
its saved as they're user name and you print out a \r and the normal 
login prompt, otherwise they stay in CON_WAITING_LOOKUP for as long as 
you specify i think

As soon as i get the code i'll mail the list, its not my own, but i do 
believe the person who gave it to me offered it to the list about 4 
months ago..


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