renting problem

From: Robert (
Date: 07/01/96

i'm sure i did some stupid thing when i config'ed the mud.. but for some
reason when a user rents in an inn all his equipment is dropped.. this is
not affected by rent being charged.. could someone give me a hint on what i
did wrong? my current rent config is
 * Should the MUD allow you to 'rent' for free?  (i.e. if you just quit,
 * your objects are saved at no cost, as in Merc-type MUDs.)
int free_rent = NO;

/* maximum number of items players are allowed to rent */
int max_obj_save = 30;

/* receptionist's surcharge on top of item costs */
int min_rent_cost = 10;
note: offer works fine and it appears to the user that their stuff will be
saved.. but it just is dropped to the floor (users in the room do not see it
dropped like what happens when u type quit though)

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