Re: Auction code on FTP site.

From: George (
Date: 07/01/96

After spamming my sent-mail box by sending all the requests individually,
due to replying, I saw about two requests for it on the FTP site, which
to that I reply:
1) I just wrote it
2) Hasn't been extremely tested (that's what you're for) ;)
3) I modified the version I sent in PICO and never compiled it
4) I don't do diff (could figure it out if someone made me though)

And brief instructions to make mob gossiping which I removed
in the file and forgot to describe how:
	1) Replace all the send_to_all with do_gen_comm
	2) Recreate the get_char_vis function without requiring ch.
	3) Use the new function to test for the mob in do_bid,
	   do_auction, and auction_update.
	4) Figure out a way for mobs to be allowed to auction without
	   removing the no-order-gossip check.
	5) That's it...but I still think everyone is entitled to their
	   own method and who would use a different one if I already
	   put it in? :)

I'll post any problems I find (besides the logging out or dying bug)
as I find them.  And if you do do object sanity checking where I had
it, the 3 line function returning an object pointer is quite nice.
Because another call to get_obj_in_list_vis would just say something is
there by that name, what if the pointer is to "bread" and he dropped
that one and has one in inventory? Check will succeed, mud will not,
unless you update the pointer to a new object of same type, (or just
not let them get rid of it) :)

-George Greer

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