Gnu-Win32 with Circlebpl11

From: ShAnE wOlFf (
Date: 07/01/96

   I downloaded GNU-WIn32 and most of the utilities for it yesterday
  in hopes of compiling a binary for WIn-32. I was able to run all GNU 
  apps with no problems. (bash cat make gcc etc.... ) BUT. I get 
  plenty of errors when i run configure for circle. Is there some sort 
  of premade Makefile for this? I tried all the included makefiles. 
  Maybe someone would even upload a binairy. If not.. When I finaly 
  compile this thing I will probaly upload it to I would 
  perfer is someone sent me a makefile. Then I could apply patchs and 
  such. later.
     Regards. Shane Wolff.  

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