Regarding the status bar/vt100 codes

From: ed wrotniewski (
Date: 07/01/96

I got the codes from the usenet, but I've been trying to figure out
something. Now I know how to place the cursor in a specific screen
position... but... how do i tell the terminal that it is only X number of
lines long (the screen that is). Ever notice if yer on a mud with a status
bar, then break out of the mud without quitting, that the status bar is
still there, and stays stationary, so your screen is shortened? I cant get
this effect to work. If I say put the status bar at line 24, then go back to
23 and start printing, it writes over the status bar and scrolls as usual.
What's the damn code I am missing to 'shrink' the screen, if that is what
it's doing.


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