Re: Gnu-Win32 with Circlebpl11 I READ THE DOCS!

From: ShAnE wOlFf (
Date: 07/01/96

On Mon, 1 Jul 1996, Jeremy Elson wrote:

> > On Mon, 1 Jul 1996, Jeremy Elson wrote:
> > 
> > > 
> > > Does anyone ever read documentation anymore?  People ask this question
> > > all the time but the answer can be quite easily found by reading a short
> > > text file.
> > > 
> > > There is a file called README.WIN distributed with Circle that tells you
> > > to use the files and for Windows.
> > > 
> >   I read the docs. is for msvc++ I am using GCC and the 
> > ways described in README.WIN don't work for GCC. Looks like i am stuck?
> The point is, you are supposed to use and instead
> of running configure!
> Obviously there is not going to be any documentation for using GCC under
> Win95 since you are the first one to ever do it.

 THe point is I tried to compile using the directions in README.WIN.
 And i thought MAYBE there was a slim chance that configure would 
 work. What could i lose running Configure i already read the 
 instructions the were supposed to work. I hate being given a label of 
 not reading docs. Because i do. I would not be where i am now if not. 
 Maybe there is a sterotype out that no reads docs?

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