CODE: Consider

From: George (
Date: 07/01/96

Also wrote a fairly unwieldly function called do_consider after I
saw how simple Jeremy's was...(mortals at level 1 considering mobs
to be mad and then killing them in one stroke tipped me off too)

To use this one I recommend you put most of the calculation stuff
in functions so that hit() and do_consider can both use them, and
use less space...I'll try to shrink it a little more and send it
if anyone is interested.

It calculates: Average damage * number of hits = combat_value
Number_of_hits = thac0 vs ac.
it then compares your combat_value vs his health and his combat
value vs your health and sees who would die first.  When you get
into really small numbers it can get fairly hairy to turn it
into a text rating but you can adjust it as fit...

-George Greer of Dragon'Spire, on port 5000.

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