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From: Jeeves (philipe@[
Date: 07/03/96

> On Tue, 2 Jul 1996, ed wrotniewski wrote:
> > And as a side note... IMHO the circle licence is way too damn strict. It
> > costs me a lot of money to run my mud, and it doesnt even allow for
> > donations for upkeep of the site. All that does is discourage people from
> > putting up a mud/site.
> If you're that fucking greedy, and think your code is so good as to be worth
> buying, code your own fucking server and charge/sell it as much as you want.
> Who cares how much it costs you to run your mud?  You choose to do it.  It
> doesnt say anywhere that any idiot who wants to run a mud should be able to
> run one cost-free.  What if Jeremy decideded he should diff all of circle
> against stock diku, and sell that "patch" to all the circle implementors hm?
> Sheesh, he's done a lot more work than you have, and you're whining about
> not being able to make a profit from your hobby?  That attitude really makes
> me sick... the worst part is, you could probably get a bunch of the patch-
> anything-in lamers who know next to nothing outside of typing 'make' about
> coding to go along with it.  Its really not that hard to code your own 
> server.  If you think your code is so good as to be merchandicable and you
> can't accomplish some simple socket coding, it probably issnt as great as
> you think.
Actually *running* a mud has little to do with coding. He's not 
saying his code is all that great, he's just saying that the space to 
run the mud on be expensive. I think that the license *is* too strict 
as far as donations are concerned. Donations can go a long ways 
towards better server equipment and other such niceties.
> > Not to try and beat the system, but as I feel that restriction is unfair,
> > here's an idea on how you can get donations for your site without them being
> Bleh... and I thought you were pretty lame for spamming the list with 
> ads and numerous followup posts about a commercial mud site (which most 
> ISP's have been offering for years). This really takes the cake, posting 
> ways you've discovered how to "get around" the circle and diku license 
> agreements... I want to puke!  

It's not getting around anything, it's only a few fundraising methods 
you can use to gain the capital necessary for expansion. It's not 
about profit, it's about making a good mud physically better. Think 
about it.

-- Jeeves, A Butler for Hire
Creator/IMP/Builder of CalaisMUD (under development)

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