CODE: LOTS OF THINGS (was RE: Help! Arena code...)

From: Billy H. Chan (bhchan@po.EECS.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: 07/03/96

On Wed, 3 Jul 1996, Melen wrote:

> I installed the arena code found on I'm running a very 
> very modified Circle 3.0 patch level 9. Now... This is the problem. 
> Everytime an IMP kills a mob (by using 'kill <mob name>') the mud 
> crashes. But mortals do just fine. Here is what gdb says about my core file:

Hi all,
  I just semi-inherited the original arena code from Goon (Twist of Fate 1.0)
since I'm upgrading their mud and whatnot.  I tried to use the Arena patch
straight from the ftp site, and had lots of problems :)  So I took the old
ToF1.0 src and grep'ed/etc. for stuff and finally got it all working.
I assume that since Goon put the code in for ftp originally that he won't
mind if I put in a better version with a hand-patch for the various files 
outside of arena.c (and arena.h I added).  I'll see about that.

  I also inherited a clans code from Bub at Ground Zero, which again, I 
modified etc.  Because of sudden interest in clan code, I'll consider 
submitting one for that also.

  Yet another thing of interest lately is an automated auction.  Again, I
inherited one from Goon (Twist of Fate 1.0) that I again modified (darn it,
I modify things, k? :)   Same story there.

  I contemplated taking the Multiclass and Lostlands1.05 out of circulation
because I can't support it anymore, but was asked to keep it as code 
reference (which I intended for it to be originally) ;)   However, if 
anyone's interested in the various Pkilling checks, look in there in Utils.c
for CAN_MURDER... it might look complicated, but it's really just a bunch of
if checks.

  Last of all, for Twist of Fate 2.0 (lostlands1.5.1), I wrote races up 
seperately, so I might even add submit code for that.  (IMHO, races should
probably be available in stock...)

  Last last of all (ok, I lied above), I have a guilds.c file which I 
imped to allow dynamic (semi-dynamic right now) class changing.  I'll submit
that also.

  Since I'm using CVS, but still don't know how to make a full patch, I'll
probably submit with the above files a README that should be read.  Please
read my readme's before using any of the code as it states what to do to
make things work and who to give credit to :) ;)

  I think that's all... unless someone also wants the SillyMUD translated
teleportation rooms that I modified.

<Strom looks in his bag of tricks and realized he's let all the cats out>
-- Billy  H. Chan
   CogSci/CompSci     ResumeInside

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