WAY OFF TOPIC: Need help with TCP/IP Stack for Windows

From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (eduo@sparc.ciateq.conacyt.mx)
Date: 07/04/96

Ok, people are going to hate me for this, but it was the best place I 
could think of..:)

Ok, first of all I am a Macintosh and UNIX guy, I don't usually use 
Windows unless I have to.

Said that, a friend of mine is programming a HUGE program for a HUGE TV 
network here in Mexico to monitor all the repeating signals in the whole 
country. They need to put a PC station with windows in every repeater 
antenna and via TCP/IP send the data to the central.

Now, the problem is that he hasn't found any stack yet which can 
establish a telephonic TCP/IP conection whenever you open a TCP/IP 
application, the way you can with the Macintosh and I think with Windows 
95 (this will be win 3.1).

So, If you know of a shareware/freeware/commercial (in that order of 
preference..:) TCP/IP stack that can startup a TCP/IP connection whenever 
a TCP/IP app calls for it (usually after a reboot, a system crash or 
the earlier connection dropping), please let me know. I think there 
exists this since Netscape uses its own dialer which is called whenever a 
connection wants to be established.

Thanks for your time, thanks in advance for any replies and excuse the 
off topic mail.

BTW, please answer to the list, if anyone else is interested mail me and 
I'll forward the mail to them.

Also, flames will be gladly taken since I've blatantly jumped over one of 
the rules of the list, they will probably not be read anyway and if 
possible should be directed to me directly, not the list itself (believe 
it or not I am ashamed for using the list, but I prefer the insight of 
someone than doing a blind WWW search and all the other lists I am 
subscribed to are Macintosh specific)



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