Re: Delete characters

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 07/04/96

set asshole deleted on

or if they're not logged in

set file asshole deleted on

> I've got a question for all of ya out there, how do i TRULY delete
> characters from circlemud? I've done both rm'ing the pfiles, and using
> the delete option from the menu, but both leave the pfile in ram,
> and it only goes when i reboot  the server.
>        That's fine for the test-game @ home, but my mud's run on an inet
> provider's box, cna't exactly reboot at will...
> anyone have any suggestions for how to 'clear' the pfile from ram after
> quitting, or to force circlemud to overwrite the area after it quits?
>        any help is appreciated.

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