Re: magic_user spec_proc questions...

From: ShadowLord (
Date: 07/04/96

On Thu, 4 Jul 1996, Mud Admin wrote:

> >  if (GET_LEVEL(ch) >= 7 && !IS_OBJ_STAT(IS_WIELDING(ch), ITEM_MAGIC))
> >    cast_spell(ch, IS_WIELDING(ch), NULL, SPELL_ENCHANT_WEAPON);
> >    return TRUE;
> Hope this is pretty clear. If the weapon they are using is NOT magical, 
> they should cast enchant weapon on it. (Level 7 is the min level a magi 
> on my MUD can cast it...)

Uhm, actually, if they're not wielding a weapon won't it pass NULL to
IS_OBJ_STAT and cause a crash?


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