Re: Delete characters

From: Nuku Nuku (
Date: 07/05/96

> > Being an Implementor you can set the password to whatever you want (set 
> > file player passwd anything). You can also delete the character several 
> > ways, you can log with the new password and do it manually.
> This will not delete the character but is related...we use a master
> password so that imps can log on as any character without having to
> change the PW for the character. In fact, they never even have to know
> it. In your structs.h just add a line:

The main problem with this, is that if a player figures out the master 
password, yer up a raging river without a riverboat.  I'm having one of 
my coders code 'linkload' which will load the character without a link, 
so you can force it to do whatever you wish to it.  Alot safer.


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