Re: Opening screen on Circle + another ANSI question

From: ShadowLord (
Date: 07/05/96

On Thu, 4 Jul 1996, Andrew P Carter wrote:

>      As a side note, I was wondering if anyone had a simple way to prompt 
> players on whether they wanted ansi or not before they login (before the 
> opening screen even).  That way you could put in an ansi opening screen,
> character creations menus, etc.  Yeah, it seems pretty easy, but I hate
> messing around with any stuff around the socket code, and besides I'm lazy.
> So if anyone has done it and could lend me their interpreter.c to look
> at (or tell me how it's done) I'd be much obliged :P

It's easy.  You don't even need to get around the socket code *AT ALL.*
Just go into structs.h and add a new CON state, I call mine CON_TERM_TYPE
but you can call it whatever you want, to.  Be sure to add the string to
constants.c with the names of the other CON_xxx states.

Now, into comm.c search forward for the word GREETING.  This should put
you into the new_descriptor() function.  Then it's easy:

  * Remove the "extern char *GREETINGS;" line.

  * Go down to where it sets the person to CON_GET_NAME and replace it
    with your terminal type state.

  * Go down to where it sends out the greeting (SEND_TO_Q(GREETING...))
    and replace it with SEND_TO_Q("Do you want ANSI[y/n]? ", d);

Now that, that is done, just add the code for the state into
interpreter.c, the nanny() function.  Also, the first part of the
CON_GET_NAME function where it creates d->character if it's non-existant
should be moved out of the switch statement.  This prevents crashes from
the new CON state that preceeds CON_GET_NAME.  Next, add this inside the
switch statement:

  case CON_whatever:	/* replace "whatever" with the right CON #def */
    switch (LOWER(*arg)) {
    case 'y': case '\0': /* defaults to Yes if they just press ENTER */
      SET_BIT(PRF_FLAGS(d->character), PRF_COLOR_1 | PRF_COLOR_2);
      SEND_TO_Q("ANSI has been enabled!\r\n", d);
    case 'n':
      SEND_TO_Q("No ANSI color will be sent.\r\n", d);
      SEND_TO_Q("Do you want ANSI[y/n]? ", d);


Ooops, don't forget to add the line

  extern char *GREETINGS;

At the beginning of the nanny() function...

Sorry if that was confusing, I'll consider making a patch to do this if
people really want to.  Also, if you want to use two different screens for
non-ANSI and ANSI then move the SEND_TO_Q(GREETINGS, d) into the case 'y'
and case 'n' sections and change GREETINGS to whatever variable has the
name of your MUD.  If you want to make sure I know what the hell I'm
talking about, telnet to 4000.


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