Re: Sleep spell problems

From: Skylar (
Date: 07/05/96

On Fri, 5 Jul 1996, Mud Admin wrote:

> I made sleep castable in combat, and I want it to work out so that if 
> your target was put to sleep combat stops. It sorta works.
> However, the target that should be asleep is not. Not really, they are 
> affected by sleep for the correct duration, but they do not actually 
> 'fall asleep' as it were. They can look around, and move and so forth.


>       GET_POS(victim) = POS_SLEEPING;
>       }
>     if (FIGHTING(victim)) {
>       stop_fighting(victim);
>       stop_fighting(ch);
>       }
>     break;

stop_fighting() sets you to POS_STANDING, so you'll need to set them to
sleeping after you call it.


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