INFO: Snippets page and request for help...

From: Alex (
Date: 07/05/96

I've finally scrawled together an index for my snippets pages for
CircleMUD code chunks that I pulled off this mailing list... If
you are interested, it is located at:

(note the capitals, they are important).

As time goes on, I hope to add more snippets and useful archived
posts from the mailing list to the location.  Thus, I am asking for
your help... if there is some code snippet you have lying around,
or pieces of useful mail you have archived from the list, please
send them to me at <> and I will add them
to the pages for all to see.

Thank you for your time and patronage...  (A mere 50 hits to the snippets
stuff since I announced those four this afternoon.  Yikes!)


Erm... Yeah.  Whatever.

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