Re: Directions for Adding Levels - Big Spam!

From: Mike 'Doc' Levine (
Date: 07/06/96

Ron Hensley wrote:
> >
> > Delete the file "players" from <circle path>/lib/etc then delete all *.objs
> > from <circle path>/lib/plrobjs/A-[.Z] & ZZZ directories.
> Why would you do a player wipe? Ive upped the levels many,  many times
> and never had to do a player wipe.

Dear Ron,

How do you get your level 34 (in stock Circle pl 11) implementor (in
player-file) to level 50 after you have changed the level structure
in your mud. If there are no players then it's the first person
that logs on. But if you have tonnes of players and suddendly change
the level structures your Implementor character stays at level 34.

I'd really like to know how you do it!

Besides, if you've changed the level structure you might also change
the experience points that each level gets. In an extreme example
(for illustration only): Level 10 requires 10000000 - and there are
five level 10's in the old sturcture who have 15000000 exps. You
change the level structure so that level 10 now requires 18000000
exps. The five level 10 players get demoted....go figure.

If you've figured out a way to manage all of this I'll include it
in the directions. Please remember that the directions are for 
stock Circle 3.0 pl 11.


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