CODE: Different kinds of invisibility

From: Brian Menges (
Date: 07/06/96

I would like to add a few different kinds of invisibility to my MUD that would
allow players to cloak themsevles from certain mob classes.  For example a
player could cast 'Invisibility to Undead' to become invisibile to undead mobs
only.  Or, 'Invisibility to Animals' to become invis to animals, etc, etc
The problem I am having is with the way the AFFs are set and with the CAN_SEE
macro.  First of all there aren't enough AFF locations to handle all the
different kinds of invisibility and even if there were the CAN_SEE macro would
have to be totally redone.  I would like to set the AFF_INVISIBLE bitvector for
each case but change the affected_type.type flag to point back to the type of
spell (i.e. SPELL_INVIS_UNDEAD, or SPELL_INVIS_ANIMAL)  I am just unsure where
or how I should change the code so that the spell would only make the player
invisible to its intended mobile type.  Would modification of the CAN_SEE macro
be the best way to go?  If, yes, what would be the best way to go about doing
that?  Has anyone implemented different types of invisiblity similiar to what I
mentioned above?  If you did could you share a little of your wisdom?


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