From: Pooge (
Date: 07/07/96

Couple of things:

1) 	Modify spells.h and add a SKILL_WHATEVER define after the other

2) 	Modify spell_parser.c and add the skill name to the skill name array
(it should also go after the other skills) -- replace an !UNDEFINED! with
 	Also add the skill to the skillo() section

3)	Modify class.c and assign the skill to whatever classes at whatever

4) 	Add the entry for the skill to interpreter.c -- follow the format --
	<name> <function> <minimum position> <minimum level> <sub-command>
(You probably won't need subcommand, and you can just set min level to 1
b/c that's going to be handled by the skill code)

5)	Finally, make the actual skill function! (depends on the skill -- might
go in act.item.c, act.offensive.c, etc.)

6)	That's pretty much it, unless I've missed something ...

> From: Malcor
> To:
> Subject: SKILLS
> Date: Monday, July 08, 1996 9:11 AM
> ok this is a VERY stupid question but i just can't seem to get it :( 
> HOW do I define a SKILL in circle30bpl11???
> If anybody knows how to make a new skill PLEASE write me :)
> thanks 
> Malcor

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