Re: Crashes

From: Eric Soderquist (
Date: 07/07/96

Brian Williams - Nashak wrote:
> Well, every like.. 30 minutes or so.. my mud crashes... doesn't show up
> in the logs, and I don't have gdb.. and I don't neccisarily want it..
> well, I have no idea what is causing the crashes.. it's not when a god
> types anything.. so it's not a bug in a command.. anyone got any ideas? I
> might have to get gdb...

Does it consistently crash at a definate minute of the hour?  Like 
always at :00 and at :030 (for example)?  If so, you might want to 
check and be sure that cron isn't running a process at that exact time 
that could kill your mud (i've seen killidle programs designed to kill 
irc sessions kill circle because circle has the letters 'irc' in it's 
name... every hour it would crash when cron started the killidle 
program :-\)

You may need to get to know gdb.  It really does save time in the long 
run :)

Hope this helps,

Eric Soderquist

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