Re: Dimension Door.

From: Skylar (
Date: 07/07/96

On Sun, 7 Jul 1996, Brian Williams - Nashak wrote:

> Well, I made a new spell called Dimension Door... I based it on summon.. 
> well, not really.. but still.. here it is..
> I have a problem though.. first it teleports you to the victim.. <how I 
> want it to>, and then, it does a dimdoor with the victim.. to the same 
> room, but I don't want it to do that.. :P here:

You're not using the arguments to act() correctly... your second act() 
is send TO_ROOM, but its the victim's in_room, should be ch.  The third
act() should also be ch, the first one is fine, though, you could do 
without victim as an argument...

Here's a simple (barebones) rundown of how to use act():

act(text, FLAG, CHAR1, OBJ, CHAR2, TO_WHO)
     ^     ^      ^     ^     ^      ^
     |     |      |     |     |      |_____Who gets to see this msg
     |     |      |     |     |
     |     |      |     |     |_ Person denoted by $N
     |     |      |     |
     |     |      |     |_ Object denoted by $p
     |     |      |
     |     |      |_ Person denoted by $n
     |     |
     |     |_ TRUE = check if the person can see $n, FALSE = no check
     |_ Your text, with $variables 

Some quick notes:

CHAR1 ($n) is the person who sees TO_CHAR

CHAR2 ($N) is the person who sees TO_VICT

TO_ROOM goes to the room CHAR1 is in.

You can glean a lot more info, and different uses from looking over 
both act() and perform_act() in comm.c     

Hope this helps...


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