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From: Brian Christopher Guilbault (
Date: 07/08/96

On Sun, 7 Jul 1996, Billy H. Chan wrote:

> > Well, every like.. 30 minutes or so.. my mud crashes... doesn't show up 
> > in the logs, and I don't have gdb.. and I don't neccisarily want it.. 
> > well, I have no idea what is causing the crashes.. it's not when a god 
> > types anything.. so it's not a bug in a command.. anyone got any ideas? I 
> > might have to get gdb...
> Sounds like a sysadm killing your mud.  Might be a nice root cron job to
> kill anything that's bin/circle :)
> just a thought

Or it might be a zone reset error. I had this problem once where we 
crashed every 20 minutes because of a zone error that didn't stop the MUD 
on boot up. The game would run find for 20, minutes then right after a 
certain zone queued for reset, BANG. Down we went. If you haven't had 
problems like this in the past, check any new zones you have recently 
added, line by line. That's the only way to find these interesting little 
bugs if you don't have gdb.


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  My name is Mark Pettit.  I am very interested into getting into E-Mail
groups that talk about Mud Coding.  I'm new at finding these groups and was
given this address as a result of one of my searches.

  I have been trying to find a set of Mud source Code that will compile with
Microsoft C/C++ v. 7.0 on a PC (IBM PS/2, suck yes I know!), but its has
32 MEG RAM and a 320 MB Harddrive.  It is a 486 too.  If you know someone
or know of somewhere I can obtain a set of source code, please tell me.

  If not, I would still like to be part of an E-Mail group that talks about
Mud Coding/Playing.  Please send my E-Mail Address to anyone you feel could
help me join.  My E-Mail address is:


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