Re: Socket handling?

From: Kenneth G. Cavness (
Date: 07/08/96

On Mon, 8 Jul 1996, Trey T. Morita wrote:

> On Mon, 8 Jul 1996, ed wrotniewski wrote:
> > Can anyone reccomend a good book to get which covers socket handling,
> > incoming sockets, etc?
> I have "Using C on the Unix System" by David A. Curry, published by 
> O'reilly and Associates, decent book, ~200 pages, nothing in depth, but 
> simple examples programs you can work off of.
> You might also look in the commenting for comm.c, I recall Jeremy refers 
> to a book by ?Andrew Stevens? in there several times with respect to 
> socket issues.

You might also want to look at _Practical Internetworking with TCP/IP_,
for a more comprehensive discussion regarding socket handling and other
matters of Internet applications development. Co-authored by John S.
Quarterman and Smoot Carl-Mitchell, published by Addison Wesley in their
Open Systems series, I believe. If pressed, I can provide the ISBN

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