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From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 07/09/96

On Mon, 8 Jul 1996, Alex wrote:

> On Mon, 8 Jul 1996, Steven R. Johnson wrote:
> >         I just downloaded circle30 and i cant find a list of the vnums
> > that came with it.. anyone know where i cna get a list?
> Well, the zone numbers are listed in the zone.lst file which can be found
> in the /lib/world directory.  If you mean for the mobs, objects, and
> rooms, you can check out the rlist, olist, and mlist commands on the
> Snippets page I have:
> That should help you out.

On the thing about the snippets, it is great, but I think that some 
flags like: 2.2, 3.11, CODE, INSTRUCTIONS would be helpful, so you know 
which ones are for pl 11, which ones for 2.2 (autoloot, por example), 
which ones are walkthroughs and which ones are 'put-as-it-is' code.

BTW, there are (so far by what I have seen) two typos (which were in the 
original posts so don't worry), first there is a part in abbreviations 
code where WHITSPACE should be WHITESPACE (its in all caps so it's easy 
to spot) and in autoloot there are doble quotes missing in both lines 
that end 'enabled.\r\n)', those should be 'enabled.\r\n")' (whitout the 

The pages are great nonetheless, how many hits have you had already?



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