Re: off topic: teleport.c.gz

From: Daniel C. Cotey (
Date: 07/09/96

On Tue, 9 Jul 1996, Alex wrote:

> > I got this file off of the ftp site.. and was wondering what it does?
> > I read the .README and it lokos to me like it teleports a room?!
> > 
> It creates rooms that Teleport you, like in SillyMUD.
	With quit a bit of fitting left as an excercise for the reader. 

If anyone has tried to implement it they'll know that the function
sprintbitascii() come up undefined when linking. The fix is to grab
lostslands1.05 and get the function out of utils.c.  btw if anyone figures
out how to keep the teleport time from trashing the rest of the room
structure I'd appreciate some hints. 

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