Re: LONG: Mob skills & Guildmasters

From: Ryan A.J. Biggs (
Date: 07/09/96

> First, go into db.c, function parse_mobile(), I think its around line 1020
> or so... but I'm not sure how "stock" my stock version of pl11 still is, 
> so you'll have to double check... you need to replace this line:
> mob_proto[i].player_specials = &dummy_mob;
> With this line:
> CREATE((mob_proto + i)->player_specials, struct player_special_data, 1);

I take it that this is making a new mob in the format of player files.  
THe problem I have with this is how much will it slow down the MUD, 
having all mobs with the player_specials taking up memory.

> Next, still in db.c, function read_mobile(), after the line:
> mob->player.time.logon = time(0);
> add this line:
> *mob->player_specials = *mob_proto[i].player_specials;

Hate to sound like a newbie, but what does all this do?  (I wanna know 
what it does, helps me program better)

> Next, still in db.c, function free_char(), where is calls:
> free(ch->player_specials);  Just add an if (!IS_NPC(ch)) check before that
> line, so the special doesnt get free'd .... also, you might want to axe the
> annoying "SYSERR: Mob had player_specials allocated!" log message as well.

Heh heh...I removed a lot more SYSERR's then that already!  :)

> Your mob prototypes now have slots to hold spells/skills, note: all mobs
> of the same type have the same skills, so if you fiddle one cityguard's
> dodge, it'll affect them all (I think of this as a feature). You will need
> some way to assign skills to mobs, I'd suggest using the espec feature,
> its pretty simple to add both for loading and saving... I'm a pretty lazy
> coder, so I simply took the !IS_NPC check out of do_skillset and use that
> to set the skills, a tiny snip of code in the medit save routine 
> (I'm using Oasis OLC) writes any mob skills > 0 into the .mob file as an 
> espec.

Don't worry, all mobs of the same type I want to have the skill.  I like 
the idea of the medit save and stuff....I am not sure which editor I will 
use in mine, as I was weened on Sammy's.  :)

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