Skylar's <learn()>

From: Brian Williams - Nashak (
Date: 07/10/96

I was wondering.. I saw this in the dodge post:
    learn(victim, SKILL_DODGE, 1000, 0);
if that was what I think it is.. like how Sojourn has the little 
"Ye feel your skill in <skill> improving" thing..  and that like did a 
or something.. =) if so.. could you please post the actual void learn() 
command? I sure would enjoy it.. :P if not.. anyone have any hints on how 
to do this? and make it so only like.. every 20-30 times you dodged it'd 
actually say "Ye feel yer blah blah".. but it went up like a tenth of a 
point every time you dodged?

   Nashak			Brian Williams		The Realms of Luminari 6969

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