From: Rasmus 'Con' Ronlev (raro94ab@hp4.econ.cbs.dk)
Date: 07/11/96


Well, this question might be extremely simple, but even though I've been 
trying to find the reason why the password is displayed, when a new char 
is asked to 'Give a new password for CHAR :'.
In interpreter.c under CON_NAME_CONFRM it does that echo_off(d) thing, 
that SHOULD make the entering of the password invisible, but both in my 
modified bpl8, and the unmodified bpl11 it displays the password.
What dazzles me is, that when you are asked to 'reenter' the password it 
is correctly hidden... 

I've seen this stuff working the 'right' way, i.e. beeing hidden, but I 
forgot where it was, so I can't ask the imps there..
It's kinda embarrising, as I consider myself pretty able to find the 
solution for such things myself.. But, as I can't I'm asking everyone on 
this list for help :O


     Rasmus Rønlev DOEK'94      WWW: http://www.econ.cbs.dk/people/raro94ab  
     Student instructor         MUD: exiled.mud.circlemud.org 5000
       Student, B.Sc in Computer Science and Business Administration. 

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