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From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 07/11/96

On Thu, 11 Jul 1996, DiscoverE Camp wrote:

> So if you've got ideas for cool (maybe even educational?)
> quests, please drop me a line!

Hey! What about a directory (like the brand new 'list' one, or like the 
docs, areas and code ones) where people can put quests on, with ideas and 
the like, these could have three sections (as I see it):

1.-Background story: This would be the story that gives ground to the 
quest (if any) or the purpose of it. Can be written in any style you want..:)

2.-Implementation: How would you do it (create new objects/rooms/mobiles, 
invisibly follow the guys, helping them out) and what prizes should, if 
any, have the quest (there are quests so amusing that noone expects a 

3.-Special things to enhance the quest/Things in your mud that ease it: 
For example spec_procs, special commands. etc..

Just an idea.. there may be some very good writers around (some 
implementors *do know*  that their builders do have literary skills), 
maybe there could be a book or a compendium later. "The book of the 
Quests" or something similar (or maybe an indexed web site).

Maybe it is that I just felt that it was such a great idea, maybe it 
isn't, who knows..:) If you want to do it, let me know... If furry has 
problems with it (he already has a very large site to take care of) maybe 
I can make something about it (last option).



PS: Has anyone donde anything in their commands list or in general with 
their muds to ease the quests handling? I've seen in Strom's and others 
that they say they have commands for quests, what would a good addition 
for handling questsbe?

PS2: I don't know why I insist on writing 'PS's if noone ever answers 
them... I should make two posts and spam the list twice..:P (jsut kidding)

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anybody know if there is a mirror of
it is horribly slow, when i can even connect at all :P
(specifically, i am looking for the win32 GNU stuff)

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