Re: Archer(no damage)

From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 07/11/96

On Thu, 11 Jul 1996, Alex wrote:

> On Wed, 10 Jul 1996, Jason Ragsdale wrote:
> > Yeah i noticed that to, just add this after it sends the arrow hit
> > messages:
> > ---[CODE snipped]---
> > 
> I've added that to the snippet.  Thanks a lot.

My copy didnt compile with the fix...

These were the lines, right?:

               damage = number(5, 50);
               GET_HIT(targ) -= damage + (number(1, 5));

Well, I get:

make ../bin/circle
gcc -c -g -O -Wall -fno-strict-prototypes  spec_procs.c
spec_procs.c: In function `archer':
spec_procs.c:609: invalid lvalue in assignment
spec_procs.c:610: invalid operands to binary -
*** Error code 1

I haven't checked it yet, but it must be wrong somewhere...


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