NO_REMOVE problem

From: Linebacker (
Date: 07/11/96

I added an object stat, ITEM_NO_REMOVE, which, obviously prevents a char from 
removing the item. The only way it can be removed is with a spell I have
yet to code and of course dying. However, I added the following code to check
for the flag;

   act("You can't remove that for some reason.", FALSE, ch, obj, 0, TO_CHAR); 

something like that, I am typing from memory. The act params may be wrong
above but it
is right in my code. It works however in do_remove with only the item as an
ex: 'remove amulet'. But, the char can remove the item by typing 'remove all'.

I have tried placing the check for this in every possible place I could
think of in the remove 
functions, but it crashes the mud when I try 'remove all'. I also tried
placing the check in 
perform_remove but to no avail. 

I guess a check at the very beginning of the do_remove function will work,
but then characters
wearing any items flagged as NO_REMOVE will not be able to remove all. I
want it so that a character
can type 'remove all' and it will remove his/her items with the exception of
the NO_REMOVE items.

I hope this makes sense, I am half asleep. The segment of code placed in the
single argument portion
of do_remove works fine, but the code placed inside the dotall (or something
like that) portion is 
crashing the mud.


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