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From: Ryan A.J. Biggs (
Date: 07/11/96

> I've seen in many zones that they call for an 'undead' spec_proc, what 
> should this do? what does it imply? What should an 'undead' mob do 
> (besides going around the places doing 'mmmmmmhhhhmmmm' and the like)?

Don't forget dancing to Michael Jackson's music.  :)

> Has anyone here written an undead spec_proc they are particually proud 
> of? or a very compact one? do you want to share with the world your vast 
> knowledge?...:P

I haven't written anything, but I have made a mob class usable, and with 
that you can do a lot.  How?  Define a mob class "undead"  Then if you 
want it to do something special (like undead regenerate 2x as fast as 
normal people) you can just add it in to the limits.  I did however make 
a spell, turn undead, that was like earthquake (room affect spell) that 
damaged ONLY undead.

> Actually, although some code would be great I would ilke to know exactly 
> what should and 'undead' mob do...:)

I would think that moaning, groaning and dancing should be enough.  :)

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