From: Brian Burrell (
Date: 07/12/96

my personall preference:   install both... if something doesn't come out
working (tho alot of the times it's just a fuckup in the world dir... even
one of the stock .mob for zone 25 is a little off.. which will fuck up
oasis) on Oasis use the obuild part of it...   really my suggestion is to
install both... they take out what you don't need of obuild...

i currently have mstat ostat oload redit zlist zreset and the
	from obuild.... and a complete oasis modified source in mine

the reason i would say to go to the trouble of getting oasis to work with
your mud is the ease of adding new olc stuff like mobprogs/guns/etc into
oasis... it's about as easy as espec with the way oasis is setup..

On Wed, 10 Jul 1996, Eric Pilcher wrote:

> Hmmm... thought I had sent a querie on this off two days ago, but it
> doesn't appear to have made it to the list, so I'll try again.
> I'm looking at adding OLC to my code.  Can anyone tell me the advantages
> and disadvantages of Oasis over Obuild (and vice versa)?
> I appologize if this is a reoccuring question.
> Thanks in advance,
> -Eric

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