OASIS OLC problems and others ;(

From: JARED MCDONALD (JMCDONALD@sol.otago.ac.nz)
Date: 07/13/96

Hi all

well I've hit a couple of snags with it,  I know there was some 
discussion on it a coupel of weeks ago but I went on holiday and my 
mail system ate all my new mail ;(

What i have is a sunos system where everytime i create a new zone it 
crashes, dosn't do this on my development machine (linux) and i'm to 
lagged on the sunos machine to even try and debug it so any help 
would be most appreciated.

Also is there a medit bug when it saves as it seems to crash me as 
well, which leads onto my other problem with linux (I know I know its 
been bashed to death over the last monthes sorry).  I figured out how 
to get both bash and tcsh to coredump but when i try to run it 
through gdb (gdb bin/circle lib/core) all it comes out with is 
Couldn't fetch registers from core file: File in wrong format.  Any 
ideas on this one?????

Hope someone out there can give me a few pointers cause it's getting 
late and this is damn frustrating  ;)

Jared McDonald
Address:  12 Arthurs Walk       Phone Home : 64 3 454 2235
          Dunedin                     Work : 64 3 479 7390
email : jmcdonald@sol.otago.ac.nz

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