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From: Nuku Nuku (
Date: 07/13/96

>    sprintf(buf, "%s                   Info for %s\r\n", buf, GET_NAME(ch));
>    sprinttype(GET_RACE(ch), pc_race_types, buf2); 
>    sprintf(buf, "%sRace: %s", buf, buf2);
>    sprinttype(GET_CLASS(ch), pc_class_types, buf2);
>    sprintf(buf, "%s                 Class: %s\r\n", buf, buf2);
>    sprintf(buf,"--------------------------------------------------\r\n");
>    sprintf(buf, "You are %d years old.", GET_AGE(ch));

This line is totally reassigning buf.  buf hasn't been sent to the 
character yet.  You need to

sprintf(buf, "%sYou are %d years old.", buf, GET_AGE(ch));


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taking alias.c off the ftp site, and adding it gives me the error:

gcc -c -g -O -Wall -fno-strict-prototypes  alias.c
In file included from alias.c:20:
sysdep.h:276: conflicting types for `qsort'
previous declaration of `qsort'

which proves to be a fatal error :P

if i comment out the #ifndef qsort() portion of sysdep.h, it compiles
fine, but i shouldn't have to do that.
alias.c does not redefine qsort.
anybody have any ideas?  

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