AutoSplit problems

From: John C. A. Bambenek, Esq. (
Date: 07/13/96

Ok, compiles now, but I have a minor problem.  1) It didn't get the gold 
from the corpse in order to split it, which I fixed.  2)  Now that that 
is fixed, it gets gold from corpse, but the next line says Huh??  Which 
is where it is supposed to split the gold.  here is my code:

     if (IS_NPC(victim)) {
       local_gold = GET_GOLD(victim);
       sprintf(buf, "split %ld", (long)local_gold);
     if (IS_AFFECTED(ch, AFF_GROUP) && (local_gold > 0))
         command_interpreter(ch, "get gold corpse"),
         command_interpreter(ch, buf);

Any ideas??

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