Re: Socials interaction & granting experience

From: steadman (
Date: 07/13/96

At 07:12 PM 7/13/96 -0400, Ryan A.J. Biggs wrote:
>> This probably sounds like a couple of really simple questions to you 
>> veterans... > 

>> 1.What sort of coding changes would I have to make have particular events
>> occur after a social is performed?
>> i. a player "kisses" a frog and a key appears in the room.
>> ii. the player "kisses" the frog and gains experience for it.
>I would think that you would need to make a spec proc for the mob/room 
>that responds to the actions of the characters.  I am not sure how to do 
>that yet, I am a little rusty, and not in a thinking mood right now.  
>(Herr mother thinks that if she can't control my religion, she'll control 
>something else)
Sounds like you want mobile programs too me.  You might just try adding a
small if check in the mobile to perform this action.

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