Re: Special Procs

From: Brian Pape (
Date: 07/14/96

> 	Well, I've been coding and running a circle MUD for 3 yrs now and
> since I  have not concentrated on Special Procs, I would like to make a
> fool of myself and ask:  Can someone please interpret the arrays used to
> make mobiles more interactive?  Like the Mayor and the Tour Guide
> recently posted?  I can understand that 5 is down 2 is south 0 is north
> etc, but why wouldn't it be as simple as DDSEENR == Down Down South East
> East North Rest?  I'm assuming this array doesn't get parsed by the
> command interpreter.....  I should really look at the code, but way back
> when I started working with circle I looked at it and didn't understand it.

Try looking at it again...  It's merely a switch() statement that does
whatever the current letter in the array happens to be...  something like
  case 'S':
    act("The mayor falls asleep"...);

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