looking for code to morph characters

From: Bill Romano (ghost@ao.net)
Date: 07/14/96

I *thought* I saw some code passed by when i first joined the list, or a
topic of sorts pertaining to a character being able to morph into another
form.  Has anyone done this and more importantly are you willing to share
the code?  I am not the coder for my mud, just trying to say the poor
overworked guy more headaches, if this code hasnt been passed around, 
In my c-illiterate mind is thinking you would make it a "skill" that
"switched" the char into a predefined mobile, does this sound possible to
you knowledgables out there?  Also would it be possible to have the form
they morphed into increase in power as they leveled without making a diff
mob for each level they attained?

Its late, ill stop babbling..
My thanks to any who take the time to understand this one and maybe even
respond *8)

Ghost Shaidan
aka - Bill

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