From: Brian Williams - Nashak (bmw@efn.org)
Date: 07/14/96

well, I put in the hometowns off the snippets page.. just as it said to 
do.. then rebooted.. and now.. it crashed on startup.. says "Format error 
after world #-1" in syslog.CRASH.. but it's worked fine for like 5 
reboots.. also.. I set all the hometowns to 3001.. so I could see if they 
worked, and players were starting in random rooms in zone 26.. <High 
Tower of Sorcery>.. anyone have an idea what the hell is going on?

   Nashak			Brian Williams		The Realms of Luminari
   nashak@darkstr.com		bmw@efn.org		darkstr.com 6969

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