Re: imms and no-magic rooms

From: Mark McArthey (
Date: 07/15/96

This, and other things like it have annoyed me.  One thing that I can
think of having changed is the ability for imms to drop cursed items. 
I find it ridiculous that imms have problems with some simple things
such as this.  I know there are other situations like this, but I have
yet to find them all.  Perhaps others could post their findings to allow
everyone to change their code?  At least the implementor level should
be allowed these simple conveniences.  

Thanks much!

Mark McArthey

On Sat, 13 Jul 1996, the count wrote:

> anybody else out there get annoyed that not even imms (or at least
> imps ;)  can cast spells in no-magic rooms?
> i changed it in my mud, but am curious if anybody else has.
> oh, and i get the conflicting def for qsort in the code for saving
> poofins that was posted a while back (which was actually called as
> extras.c).

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