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The server reaching its 20-user limit
simply means that It can only accomodate
20 users, and that there are 20 users logged
in at the time...you should be able to
get on wbefore too long after receiving this message.
Sorry if this is typo-laden...I can't see what
I'm typing at this crappy computer lab.

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ok, so we have the newbie flag (just put it in and it compiled fine),
so we just add the value of the flag to the value of the item type
e.g. if ITEM_NEWBIE is 24, and ITEM_ARMOR is 9, than the type flag
would be 33 (otherwise, how does it distinguish newbie armor from
a newbie weapon, etc)?  or do we use it in the "extra bitvector" field?
(in which case i suppose we have to calculate 2^24 and add it to that
field in the .obj files...)

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